Those Who Were Left / Analysis

By HRmatthew
04/05/2014 - 10:01:09

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 2.41 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
As always, please read carefully! And take time to inspect things and characters: they augment the story!
Win message:
Whatever choice you made, hopefully it was the right one for yourself.
Lose message:
ACT 1 :   Entrance
As you materialize into the ISA facility, the hum of machinery pervades ominously. You feel a sort of apprehension as you gaze upon such the large and top-secret information mainframe.
ACT 2 :   Into The Facility
You've gone deeper into the facility, and the hum of machinery slightly intensifies. The lighting is noticably darker. You find the emptiness of a seemingly top-secret Galactic agency strange.
ACT 3 :   The Warning Signs
You're in the stimulation! The setting and sensation are impressively lifelike; you can even feel a slight breeze on your skin. Perhaps the ISA believes that full immersion fully conveys info.
ACT 4 :   A Dying Galaxy
That previous feeling of apprehension intensifies as the simulation progresses. The Officer is developing a slightly uneasy tone of voice. Some sort of tension is forming.
ACT 5 :   Forgotten; Forsaken
You get a sense of where this is going. And it's not good.
ACT 6 :   Reawakening
You awake, stiff as stone, to find the control room malfunctioning. Electrical sparks and breaking down machinery replace the facility's previous silence. What just happened!?
ACT 7 :   A Galaxy Void of Life and Hope
It seems that extreme isolation made everyone left in the ISA go mad. But what happened when you were trapped in the simulation?
ACT 8 :   The Beginning or the End?
It sounds like an excavation team came to dig out the facility! Are they waiting outside for you? Were they that other dot as seen from the technician's terminal?

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