The Golden Spoffit / Analysis

03/24/2015 - 01:55:06

Type: Quest adventure
Rating: 0.2 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
You approach the serene azure and emerald planetary surface, without warning you and your Space Vessel are consumed in sublime golden light, to find yourself in a debacle, where are you?
Win message:
Warm hands to carry you away, startling shock, eyes wide open. You look outside your ship, where has the planet gone? Was this the pondering of the consciousness? A reverie.
Lose message:
Some sequences lend the possibility of death, however if you have failed due to a bug, leave a comment, it’s the fastest way of getting it fixed, not just for you, but for others too!
ACT 1 :   Myriad Mystify.
You awaken to the whining operational hum of a teleporter, a crude cell, long since seen the days of stability. (Make sure to talk to the Cerdweeble before going to the next room.)
ACT 2 :   The Boys are Back in Town.
Drifting as a fleeting feather through time and space, you open your eyes/eye, a strange warehouse of sorts. Search around the crates and supplies for a means to lift the cell.
ACT 3 :   Fleeting Meddlers.
Flee this place! Ted's got your back, get to the teleporter!
ACT 4 :   Malfunctioning Procedure
What has transpired? A sole surviving Dweeble colonist and a wacky crew of Mercenaries!? Time to meet our new friends. (Complete objectives in top to bottom order.)
ACT 5 :   Unexpected Rapture
A battle is brewing, a clash for the ages. Mighty Terra Dweebles gather, an indomitable tank and a mecha Dragon controlled by Mimi's lost lover! The fate of this world hangs in the balance.
ACT 6 :   Weary Wonderment
Greeted by the unsettling cackle of beings more ancient than your puny mortal thoughts could possibly understand, this world is no more, swallowed in the maw of the ether.
ACT 7 :   My Achievement, my Love.
Love, memory and knowledge, use the temptation stones, trade for the means to free Cadmus!
ACT 8 :   Future Seeds, Give me Life!
Free from the bars that hold him, so long his fortress his demon. Cadmus is free, reunited with Mimi.

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