Spore Chronicles Evolved, Pt 19½ / Analysis

By Aardvark123
12/12/2016 - 22:45:09

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 0.02 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
So, so cold... Crev'olts can handle the cold, sure, but we don't like it.(sigh) I miss Katrina. On cold days, we'd snuggle up like two warm, snuggly things, and just let the world pass by...
Win message:
And so, a grand tradition is founded. The Crev'olts' winter festival will be a beacon of warmth and love for generations to come...Aardvark123 is making the next episode.
Lose message:
It seems a Hannukah/Christmas/generic miracle may be further away than we thought...
ACT 1 :   Our Heroine Springs into Action!
Oh, Spode, I can't take this cold any more. I need to do something so my muscles can produce some heat! I don't know, maybe I'll go and rub some sticks together...
ACT 2 :   Fire
Eep!Well, um, that's probably enough rubbing-sticks-together for one day. It's not as if this painful orange stuff is going to help us keep warm.Perhaps I'll visit the Glins...
ACT 3 :   Slap-Up Meal
She's right, we haven't had much in the way of food lately. The Glins' eggs are important, sure, but food has to come first. Sweetshrooms can survive the cold, can't they?
ACT 4 :   Bringing Home the Gorkbuddy
This should do nicely, especially if they haven't finished digesting the Sweetshrooms. Plenty for the four of us, right?
ACT 5 :   This Isn't Going Well
Epics stealing food, Gorkbuddies stealing food...Wait. Xander said the fruit froze, but there's no fruit in the forests at all. Could it be that something more sinister is going on here?...
ACT 6 :   A Plan Forms
This is just... I can't. I wholeheartedly can't. As if a pair of epics invading our land weren't enough-!...Wait. Two epics. Two large pieces of protein and fat. I wonder...
ACT 7 :   Clash of the Titans
Yes! They're fighting! If I finish off whichever one survives, we'll have enough meat for a huge feast for everybody!(You might want a pack for this part.)
ACT 8 :   The Feast
At times like this, we all have to pull together and help our friends, especially if doing so involves a massive feast!

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