Tunnel maze 7 (second edition) / Analysis

By Vaposhka
03/06/2017 - 15:37:16

Type: Collect adventure
Rating: 0.02 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
This time you are landing on a planet with very cold climate... ...but it doesn't mean, there is no lava in the maze!You will see new kind of tunnels, new technics of maze-building and other!
Win message:
You've managed to pass all four mazes! Leave some comments and I'll be very happy! Subscribe to the "'tunnel maze"' sporecast!
Lose message:
Have you met any problems? If you think it's impossible to accomplish, leave a comment (just a word "'impossible"' if you are in a hurry) and I'll fix it!
ACT 1 :   Enter the maze!
You can see the enter on the other side of the lake...Don't waste your time! Dive into the maze!
ACT 2 :   Choose your way!
You have to choose the maze and pass it!Don't worry, you'll return here and have enough time to pass them all!For players who are in a hurry the "'LITE"' version exists!
ACT 3 :   Finding the way out...
Let's get out of here! Find the teleporter ( it's easy, just look around!)...
ACT 4 :   Time for a new maze!
Hurry up! Or the final prize will vanish!
ACT 5 :   Returning to the base...
The most difficult part is behind you...But don't rest to much!
ACT 6 :   3 is a lucky number!
The third one is waiting for you!
ACT 7 :   The last one!
The best or the worst?
ACT 8 :   The end is close!
Only this small maze separates you from your prize!Don't trust that foolish phrase about only "'15 spore point"', this adventure is worth a hundred!

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