Phoenix League - Episode 1 / Analysis

By klaracbarack
02/24/2018 - 18:48:04

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 1.95 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
You finally arrived with the transport ship, the journey took longer than you expected. Let's hope your friend didn't leave because he had to wait for you for such a long time.
Win message:
You've lost a battle but the war isn't over yet! Your adventure just began!(I promise I'll try to finish the next episode a lot sooner than this one.)
Lose message:
Please don't say you died! This is an easy adventure!
ACT 1 :   The Spaceport
You look around and you notice how much this spaceport has improved since last time you've been here. But there's no time for exploring, your friend is waiting for you.
ACT 2 :   Attack of the Unknown
The spaceport is under attack! An unknown alien race is bombarding the planet. The attackers came out of nowhere and it looks like the military forces can't hold them back.
ACT 3 :   Challenge Accepted
Etelia turned on the cloaking device of her spaceship. You got enough close to the enemy's mothership to land in one of the hangars without anyone noticing it.
ACT 4 :   The Alien Ship
You explore deeper in the alien ship and you find even more advanced technology. As you're thinking you realise that none of the empires has the technology level to build ships like this.
ACT 5 :   Hesitation
Roky managed to remove the stabilizer from the engine but the conqrix guards have found you, you're trapped!
ACT 6 :   Last Seconds
You have less than 10 minutes to escape and you're reading this... Not a good idea.
ACT 7 :   

ACT 8 :   What's Left?
The mothership is gone, the explosion was so big it destroyed the other spaceships near it. Only a few smaller ships were able to escape.

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