The Arena of Yo mama / Analysis

By eme12
01/15/2020 - 04:03:58

Type: Attack adventure
Rating: -1 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
Survive the Trials of Combat and prove your skill as a great gladiator.
Win message:
Well done, gladiator! You have faced the Trials of Combat and have won the day!
Lose message:
You have been bested in the Trials of Combat. The crowd calls out for the next champion to enter the Arena!
ACT 1 :   Trials of Combat
As you step into the Arena, you face a pack of Osgolts, hell-hounds from the Tartarus System. Defeat them!
ACT 2 :   Trials of Combat
Gates swing open and Skex and Thorns enter the fray. Defeat these desert-dwelling predators!
ACT 3 :   Trials of Combat
Weapon-toting mercenaries strut into the Arena. Your death is their payday.
ACT 4 :   Trials of Combat
A swarm of Tuuks blankets the floor of the Arena. Watch your toes as you stomp them into the dirt!
ACT 5 :   Trials of Combat
The Tuuks are joined by a massive Grankor, a terror from the swamp planet of Mildor. Bring down the Grankor to win the crowd!

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