13-615 Gauru Coup Attempt / Analysis

By UFODima
01/15/2020 - 05:03:42

Type: Defend adventure
Rating: 1.88 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
This is a crucial time soldier! Whatever could happen can influence the future of the Gauru...
Win message:
Victory! The plotters have failed!
Lose message:
So the plotters succeeded and the Gauru has become a Dzzitian puppet state...
ACT 1 :   Tense quiet night

ACT 2 :   The soldiers are coming!
But why?
ACT 3 :   Attack!
We've been duped!
ACT 4 :   We've been duped!
There is a coup in progress! But what do we do?
ACT 5 :   The Militia
When in doubt, we go to the militia...
ACT 6 :   Reacting to the Coup
Time to counterattack! The plotters should be located at major areas in the capital...
ACT 7 :   Conclusion
The plotters have failed!

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