Vicious Tide [Any Captain] / Analysis

By PigeonE
01/17/2020 - 17:00:03

Type: Quest adventure
Rating: 0 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
You have arrived at a small Krute village with Captain Kerek and a small Krute Response Force [KRF] team after receiving a distress signal asking for immediate assistance.
Win message:
Planet Snrukue is saved! Those anglob will think twice before trying anything like that again! (Did you find the secret area close to the start?)
Lose message:
Use a stunning attack to interrupt hard hitting enemies like the Spikester! Make use of the health and energy restores around the map.
ACT 1 :   Getting Info
Find out whats going on.
ACT 2 :   Defend the church!
Defend the church while the ship repositions!Kerek must survive to make sure it happens!
ACT 3 :   From The Portal
Snojor the Giant Snoloid has come from the portal and scared away the bulk of the the anglob! Assist Snojor in defeating the last group!
ACT 4 :   A Short Break
The village is safe and now seems to have the perfect guardian! Talk around to figure out what to do next.
ACT 5 :   Into the Woods
It's time to head into the mushroom forest and stop the anglob ritual from being completed! Make sure you are prepared before setting out.
ACT 6 :   Crashing the Party
Talk with Kerek and carry out his plan.
ACT 7 :   Reinforcements Arrive!
Reinforcements have arrived!Take down the rest of the Raincallers!
ACT 8 :   The Ritual: Completed!
The monster was still summoned and Kerek has gone into shock! Avoid its powerful attacks and help your army take it down!

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