TX-5000 Super Weapon (EASY) / Analysis

By rastaj
03/25/2020 - 23:12:28

Type: Puzzle adventure
Rating: 1.39 (Not rated)


No assets included

Basic info
Intro message:
The enemy's research facility has been located. Find a way in and meet with your contact, Bantuii.
Win message:
The TX-5000 has been destroyed and you have put a serious dent in the C'Servoid battle plans. Congratulations Captain!
Lose message:
With the TX-5000 online the C'Servoids will quickly take over this sector...that is, unless you feel like trying again?
ACT 1 :   Infiltrate
Bantuii, the leader of the resistance, has been notified of your arrival. Infiltrate the base and make contact with him.
ACT 2 :   Power Down
Locate the Reactor Control panel and shut down the first Reactor.
ACT 3 :   Power Down
Shut down the second Reactor.
ACT 4 :   The Favor
Return to Bantuii for your next assignment.
ACT 5 :   The Armory
Avoid the enemy soldiers and lead the Workers to the Armory.
ACT 6 :   Destruction!
Destroy the TX-5000!
ACT 7 :   Success!
Return to Bantuii in the Worker's quarters.

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