An Eggy Request / Analysis

By Rorsta
01/22/2021 - 01:10:17

Type: Quest adventure
Rating: 0 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
You beam down to a strange blue planet... what adventures could you be getting up to in this crazy world!
Win message:
Well done, you stole from a blob to give to another blob... I hope you're happy with yourself...
Lose message:
You died, now how will the story end? Find out next time on Rorius Maximus in An Eggy Request!
ACT 1 :   An Odd Friend
You beam down to a strange blue planet and find yourself face to face with a very odd... bean.
ACT 2 :   Find the odd creature some food!
Start lookin' for food before this odd creature starts biting everything around it... with it's non existant mouth...
ACT 3 :   Feed the Creature
These eggs should suffice, let's hope he's not still hungry after this...
ACT 4 :   Talk to Piku
Now that the beast is satiated, let's have a chat and figure out what it's deal is...
ACT 5 :   RUN FOR IT!!!
Leg it to the ship!

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