Not rated

By MaxisGuillaume
09/04/2008 - 00:28:02

Type: Military air vehicle
Rating: 2.39 (Not rated)


Modeled after the French-German helicopter.


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By 9skyguy9

wow, i wish i could create something like this

By Grd10guy

Great colour scheme!

By Creator_Shadow

Great work!

By BigBigmek

yea i like helis, and this one is very cool

By Boogiewoo0

The word wow comes to mind.

By mro78

looks better than my comanche

By hummerkid

it looks lik the rah-66 comnanche

By hummerkid

sick man

By RenegadeTitan

Very cleverly done. That's sensational.

By jts21

Nice 'copter, it's very realistic.

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