Village Market Stall (Lights)
Not rated

By Andeavor
04/19/2009 - 12:25:12

Type: House building
Rating: 0.08 (Not rated)
Tags: andeavor, candle, crystal, gaprop, lamp, light, market, stall, torch, village


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By oasdv

I'm gona put this in my adventure

By Hamilton302


By seolpiclmu


By olive3000

fire...Fire...FIRE FIRE FIRE...

By doosje

lol, the smalles candle has a slightly too big fire i guess....

By sharkbait127

wow at first i tht it as a burning thing but now... ya know

By Zamorakdf

When I get GA I'm gonna make a game where you've been shrunken and you need to get big again, this'll be part of the market square!

By Haffgrim

Wow!! I love how you did the lights!!

By Reverend Colin

This will be awesome in ga. The market stall concept is relaly cool!

By Antiangel

Beautiful little shop. :)

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