Tutorial - Entering Buildings
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By MaxisCactus
07/16/2009 - 21:59:51

Type: No genre adventure
Rating: 2.94 (Not rated)
Tags: adventuretip


Create the illusion of entering a building by placing a teleporter near the building door. In a seperate part of the planet, place the teleporter exit in a constructed interior. Mark both the teleporter and teleporter exit as invisible. You can also do the same thing to make an exit for the building interior.



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By 10spi0

who dont knows that?

By yuvalynn

you baned me maxis

By hollowsev

HI Maxiscactis ... will you play a few of my adventures ? id really like to here some one from maxis,s opinion on my creativ abilitys :)


I like your tutorials! And sims is cool game too! Without maxis the world is boring but as luck we have it!

By SodaPop046

i gave you a gift

By okami10001

Hello world! Is here to cancel meals. We Welcome Felis by the nisl laoreet tincidunt. While he conte

By olgapåøya

you are not playing spore anymore so i wil delete you from my buddy list.

By ctghep23

tyvm, this should rly help me

By Sscar


By Thomas92z

@famgroenen: It's called "English." Not latin. That's a dead language.

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