mario kart - mario raceway
Not rated

By skids12
12/31/2009 - 20:17:36

Type: Explore adventure
Rating: 1.11 (Not rated)
Tags: 1996, 64, kart, mario, mario kart, mario kart 64, nintendo, race, raceway, skids12, way


mario kart - mario raceway



By SpongeBobRocks23

Ok you did the character right this time..but heres the thing....why do you keep using bowser for every level?,Why not use Toad,Mario,Lugi,Wario,or Walugi?Playing the same character OVER and OVER is just playing LAME dude!LAME!L-A-M-E-!And THATS fi

By prowox010

When my captain was doing his dance,mario come to the finish line. And exploden! FUN!

By JamesG2009

nice really looks good

By OwnageMuch

Nice replica. I made a GBA Bowser Castle 3 one!

By chompyrat

This looks good.

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