Danke für 17000 Kommentare

By kricki
09/06/2010 - 08:03:41

Type: City Hall building
Rating: 27.5 (Good)
Tags: eure kricki


Ich Danke allen für die vielen und wundervollen Kommentare.


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By Wonny3SW

Glückwunsch und kein Problem !

By Loonquawl

Nett, that's like 11,000 more then me

By Mushroomking1

Congratz!!! Great milestone, hope you get many more n___n

By Northern Lights

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! R+!

By Hilight

Sehr wll verdient Kommentare Kricki - Herzlichen Glückwunsch:) R +!

By Galaxy24

Congrats :)( R+

By klaasm97

Wow, 17000 comments! That is amazing!R+

By Dzuricky

Wow! 17000 Kommentare! Ausgezeichnet! That is amazing ;)

By alanw

wow!!! 17000 =O??? Glückwunsch! Ich bin bei den 4200...

By bellus91

Congratulations! I really like your flowers!

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