Station Halcyon O'Neill Cylinder
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By Wormulon
10/12/2010 - 18:24:26

Type: Spaceship
Rating: -0.01 (Not rated)
Tags: bernal sphere, o'niell cylinder, space habitat, space settlement, stanford torus


Based on depictions of the O'Neill Cylinder and Island Three.----The Halcyon stations are actually composed of two [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Island_Three O'Niell Cylinder]'s, both are over 20 miles is length, and over 4 miles in diameter. The pair of stations, Halcyon 1 and Halcyon 2 are a pair, but together for one structure. The pair have the capacity to hold several million people. The station is located at the edge of the known Gigaquadrant, in orbiting at an L5 point in orbit around Vundrum-Alpha, a gas giant.The station is the new base of the Seven Starr Alliance, where the recovered database is stored. The purpose of the settlement is to create a new place in which to promote peace and cooperation as well as to open up new unexplored areas of the First Gigaquadrant. The station has some more mysterios purposes as well, which will be revelealed.----This is for a new episode-based fiction on SporeWiki, with adventures (maybe even vidoes) about the new station.


By jameses

Wow...The LSA have to be on this station.

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