Battle Crow
Not rated


By shortbreadtom
05/08/2011 - 20:04:46

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 1.07 (Not rated)
Tags: !, springbuildathon, sprshipbldathon, t3hpiti


It's wings and massive central engine allow for fantastically nimble maneuvers during dog-fights. Unfortunately, to keep it that fast, weight has been saved on shielding and it can only carry 24 rockets.


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By T3hPiti

All I can say is wow. This is epic, I can't even create to this caliber.

By NickB95


By tuinahvuni

Sorry you couldn't join us for the Create-Off, no worries, we'll be hosting one of our big contests sometime in June...stay tuned :)

By tuinahvuni

Dang, this is just amazing! Wish I could do things like this in the Space editor R+

By exxon

Love that spinning engine!

By yorokobu

WOW AWESOME ship! LOVE the way it's tilted in the editor!!!!!!!! :D

By meinator

Love the angle ;D

By MachinaMortalis

This is some awesome wing work and you did a great job with the angling of the ship, its a great touch.

By kylerulez


By kylerulez

Love how its tipped

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