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By Drew980
04/07/2012 - 15:39:32

Type: City Hall building
Rating: 0.78 (Not rated)
Tags: drew980, gaprop, template


you wish you could create like this


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By PurpusthePurpus4

It?s beautiful!

By GratuitousReshad

around six years later i STILL cannot match any of my buildings to this superior masterpiece.

By GrOuNd_ZeRo_7777

That's one delicious marsh mellow!

By QuinRivers

So is it just a grey cylinder or what?

By FlamingMoltres

I've never seen anything more breathtaking. Awesome creation. I love the detail. R+

By EmeraldCruncher

Tackyman, you just copy it and put it on the inside of the main creation.

By EmeraldCruncher

Best creation ever.

By EmeraldCruncher


By FlamingMoltres

This is featured?

By Epixelmon

I feel like this was featured simply for the audience reactions. Maxis, tell me I'm right, I caught you there.

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