Spore Chronicles Evolved, Pt 19½
Not rated

By Aardvark123
12/12/2016 - 22:45:09

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 0.02 (Not rated)
Tags: adventure, comedy, conflict, creature stage, drama, evolution, friendship, series, social, story


Winter special.

The defeat of the Karrgulzas is followed by a harsh winter, pushing some people to breaking point.

(A collaboration series between Aardvark123 and eme12.)



By gtm00

Merry Christmas!

By Aardvark123

@pantle123: You can search for it in the in-game Sporepedia.

By pantle123

how can i play the game if i have already loaded down but i cant find it now?

By Lucasrebel

Wow,congrats on the feature

By Sexay

Congrats on getting featured!

By eme12

A sporecast with all of the episodes is on Aardvark123's account!

By eme12

Make sure to check out the other episodes in the series!

By Lucasrebel

I used that shell to kill the epics.

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