Groxidae mechanica
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By ProfAlba
10/31/2017 - 23:51:02

Type: Captain
Rating: 1.09 (Not rated)
Tags: gaprop


Commonly known as "The Grox", these weak, impish sentients use cybernetic implants to improve their bodies and minds. They dispise all who do not embrace the way of the machine.

I was inspired by Derezzed's "Hunite" to make my own version of The Grox.


DNA points
43 Bones2 Feet2 Hands
Diet: Carnivore
Health: +1
4 %
46.13 %
2 / 20
5 / 20
3 / 15

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By ProfAlba

@Sean1M-Races : Glad you liked it. I always love seeing people making their own interpretations of something and thought I should try it myself. ^^

By Sean1M-Races

Interesting concept. I like the more alien direction you went with for the head. Nice work.

I made my own grox too. Mostly because I sort of have my own general art style and so I often remake things. That and Maxis creations range in quality from "Meh" t

By Ackoli

pretty good

By gtm00

I did in the past last year tributes for Maxis

By UpsetDragonlady

It Looks Like The Grox I Can't Tell The Dif ( Not Joking It's Amazing )

By ProfAlba

@DaHunter555 : I used Groxidae as the genus because I remember seing a few times that it was used to describe the Grox. And thank you very much! This is the creation the dearest to me since my died while it was in the making. It's good to know that people

By DaHunter555

This is absolutely awesome looking c: my only gripe is that the -dae suffix is used for family, not genus. But that's hardly important, given how well-made this is.

By Syzling

Congratulations on being featured, ProfAlba! =)

By ProfAlba

@Alienologist : NP I've been taken a breack from spore so I'm a bit late to parties as well.

@Derezzed : Thank you!

By Derezzed

R+, Congrats on the feature!

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