Phoenix League - Episode 1
Not rated

By klaracbarack
02/24/2018 - 18:48:04

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 1.98 (Not rated)
Tags: klaracbarack, sci-fi, secrets, series, war


-Unexpected Adventure-
Your old friend wants to meet you at a highly secured spaceport on planet 6454A. He told you that his sister is finally back (from who knows where) and he can't wait to see her. What could go wrong?



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By BrokenEyeReborn

Also: I'm definitely going to be dissecting this one to see how you did the exploding engine effect. I think I might be able to use that in the future.

By BrokenEyeReborn

Great plot hook, and wonderful set design. Looking forward to the next one

By Pupkykuk

WOW looks noice!
I´ll download it and try it :D

By julius2401

Haven't finished yet, this far i can say already though, that it deserved the feature!

By julius2401

Btw what are your thoughts on 'Species?'

By julius2401

I've still got to play this too, if only I still had my good captains :/

By ThegasCreator

This is amazing, just played it tonight! One inconsistency: Who's Roky? I don't have friends.

By Paxnfacto

Wow great atmosphere and story line! love the city, the hologram and cockpit view Great special effects. waiting like the rest for the next episode Applause!

By SolarSailor

Loved it. The detail in this was astonishing, especially in the cockpit scenes (which were genius, btw) R ! The side conversations were nice too, lol

By junkinator

This was an enjoyable play. There was nice attention to detail and great design over all. The story is mysterious, which I like.

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