Deep Thought
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By ProfAlba
03/14/2018 - 14:21:54

Type: City Hall building
Rating: 2.43 (Not rated)
Tags: gaprop


The Deep Thought super computer was built to find the ultimate answer. Its creators were dissapointed to find out that the answer was simply "42".

Little did they know that this was the biggest prank ever devised in the space-time quantinium.


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By Sharples65


By DominoFirey_3000


By ProfAlba

It has been an honour.

By Metalblaze

The reign of ProfAlba and Deep Thought has finally come to an end. Rest in Peace

By MrVoprosic

The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is...42!

By NinakoMaid


By vegok23

omg so cool!

By aemiller

I love it

By galandrix

Really good!

By Andrey_Suits

This is the best you could think of. Briliant idea

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