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By RG4327
09/19/2018 - 19:09:10

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 1.35 (Not rated)
Tags: aggressive, fast, fire, italy, pizza's are awesome, racer, red, rg4327, volcano


The Vesuvius is one of the most exclusive racing ships money could buy. This technological masterpiece is entirely handmade by the most talented craftsmen. Only the most exotic materials were used. One could say that this ship feels alive, like there is a soul present in every bolt, wire or sheet of soft leather.

While this ship is incredibly comfortable and luxurious, it does hide a rather brutal secret. A secret that comes in the form of a button. Pushing it will engage th ship's Plinian Mode. Now you will experience why this ship is named after the notorious volcano, Vesuvius. Once the Plinian Mode is engaged the ship will suddenly come alive. It is no longer comfortable or quiet, you will find that the true nature of this ship is that of a demonic beast. With unparalleled acceleration, the Vesuvius will achieve a top speed of over 90 times the speed of light. You will come to realise that the Vesuvius wants nothing more than to provide the best racing experiences for its owner.

When you are able to purchase a Vesuvius, you do not gain a new vehicle, you gain a piece of art. A living, breathing piece of art which will make you feel more alive...


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By sefmonsta

Detailed but clean and sleek... top stuff!

By itsglenn

Really cool spaceship, i think the details and everything mesh so excellently :D

By republiccommando

Beautifully done!

By GratuitousReshad

You never fail to impress me, dang nice ship!

By Qufity


By Mavor

Amazing build R+

By Gonzalo218

Thanks alot, and man this ship is well-painted, even by your standards! I like the naming reference too, Rplus!

By meankryll

Dios mio...this is definitely something to look at. Nice shape and color to compliment it too, and thx btw! R+

By Syosset

Woah, that's a sick red and black racefighter. R+

By Tapeon11

You have a wonderful ability to make ships like this have real depth to them. Truly an exotic product R

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