Biological Terror

By SillverBB
12/06/2018 - 11:33:04

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 7.5 (Good)
Tags: gaprop


"This one has achieved breakthrough, Emperor. Via encoding biological cells with binary information instead of DNA, this one has created a virus of which no race shall have cure. Virus causes electric storm to build up in victim, and when it gets to certain point... it electrocutes victim from inside out. It would be preferred to have Imperiax or Imperious machine carry and release it, for this one has no cure either as of moment. But in case that one of us becomes infected, this one shall begin working on said cure- this one knows regular vaccination will not work.

"This one believes that virus shall work on Immorreal as well, but without creatures or plants to take cells from, this virus will be in short supply. And while this one believes Immorreal could become threat, this one also believes our more important foes are ones that already started shooting. Shall this one continue project?"


By meankryll

To be fair, I'm open to other ways to introduce them; just thought this would be a good way. A little unsure if we'll get far enough but lets hope so, yeah?

By meankryll

Before the first fight of the Outbreak begins. After this, Imperious forces disappear from sight; so that way the Immorreal have the villian spotlight. Once or twice my guys will pop up, but you'll be the star.

By meankryll

As their fleet-base is damaged and slowly crumbling, explosions indicitive of a struggle going on. The deeper they trekk into the now empty fortress, they slowly begin to see the signs of something else lurking about...

By meankryll

If a few systems (the region is vast but sparse in star-system density) are under Imperious occupation as lookouts? The idea being that allied forces find a single occupied planetoid, local Imperious forces scrambling to evac...

By meankryll

Regarding the region that sits between the Grox border of the Immorreal's galactic arm; for future inclusion and as a starting point for the Outbreak's storyline, whould it be alright...

By republiccommando

I love the conflict you and Kryll have brewing. It's a really entertaining read!

By meankryll

Nice. I imagine Malum might abduct various races for potential vectors, or he can create a new strain of Conqrix to become carriers. Just my ideas though

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