Siross Moncas

By Derezzed
01/07/2019 - 04:10:57

Type: Captain
Rating: 6.15 (Good)
Tags: gaprop


An information broker whose species and true identity are unknown. To prevent death from aging, he had his brain removed centuries ago and placed in a cybernetic body. From my adventure, Become What They See.


DNA points
21 Bones2 Feet0 Hands
Diet: Omnivore
Health: +3
1 %
6 %
2 / 20
2 / 20
1 / 15

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By ThesaurusRex176

That's good to know! I wonder if I can make that work for RC-T0-95.

By Derezzed

@ThesaurusRex176: Making the parts that are in the center of the creature asymmetrical will help reduce complexity a little bit, it only works on parts there are only one instance of though.

By ThesaurusRex176

Holy crap, this is amazing! How did you keep the part count from getting too high?

By Thenamelyman

Can't wait to play around with this using dark injection

By Thenamelyman

HOLY SHIT, this is easily one of the coolest things i have EVER seen on spore.

By sefmonsta

Just incredible!

By 98TheGrox98

This has to be one of the first creatures in a while to make me honestly awestruck. Seriously though, this thing looks incredible. All I can say is "Noice."

By Derezzed

You'll have to have the force save mod to save outfitted creations in the creature editor, there's a link to the mod in the video description.

By Derezzed

@Hakujin77: You can watch a tutorial for it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WOMytuAKjQ

By hakujin77

Whoa, this is brilliant! How'd you perform this glitch for the brain? Is there are video on Youtube I can watch?

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