Khet Kassigla
Not rated

By Odonost
10/08/2019 - 03:23:24

Type: Captain
Rating: 3.09 (Not rated)
Tags: dragon, early earth, emperor, fire, flame, force, form, god, godless, inferno, kingly, lava, lore that i'm not going to explain, lung, odonost, posed creation, serpent, smog, smoke, snarles barkley


The Infernal King, He who basks in the Fires of the Origin. Before there were races to claim his rule a tyranny on the Earth, before there were minds to comprehend it?s immaculate form, Khet was the mindless ruler. A force before there were those to bring force upon, a god when the Earth was godless and un-formed. Unthinking and inerrable as the constants of the natural world are, Khet was Fire and Movement and Collision, unstoppable as Fate itself. Its whims held no reason, its machinations clean of insight such as the New Gods would come to possess. Only for the greater Force of Change, the Unspoken Cromm, were his purposes doused, and his ceaseless form subdued by a greying World.


DNA points
39 Bones0 Feet0 Hands
Diet: Herbivore
Health: +4
50 %
70 %
7 / 20
1 / 20
3 / 15

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By creater555


By Xenomorpher123

This is awesome... R+

By Hikolass

Oh wow

By Lakedaemon


By Ragnakalou

It's 2019 and you still got featured. Un-f***ing-believable

By Keck-Kelly

Very nice!!

By Syzling

CONGRATULATIONS on being FEATURED!!! =) (I knew it! ;) lol)_

By Incognito1053

I'm a little doubtful about him being an herbivore...

By Supersonic3

Congratulations. Your creation good featured on most popular, and it was made on that year. Glad to see that they're finally moving again!

By sokolz

Another amazing creation! Great to see they're still recognizing this stuff with a feature!

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