LASC-85 Corsac
Not rated

By dounttron
10/09/2019 - 22:42:37

Type: Military land vehicle
Rating: 4.77 (Not rated)
Tags: builtbydounttron


Light Armoured Scout Car. The Corsac sports little more than an autocannon and light armour, making it fast and concealable. Its speed and small size make it ideal for reconnaissance, or showing up in weird places to shoot people and then leg it. Surprise!


By David0K

this looks well crafted

By SerPetrarca

Turret looks really nice!

By ilikecereal2

hey just a heads up the discord link on your profile is expired. cool armored car too btw

By HRmatthew

Looks useful for a modern military force.

By Gonzalo218

Never seen anything like this before, looks a bit strange and unique. As usual, you've captured the details and shape excellently, R !

By Mavor

I want a military vehicle made by Switzerland.

By dounttron

Good things come in small packages! Also, gunfire and personal space issues.

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