The Invasion Begins
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Once any Deviant Klirotósi had been killed or beaten into submission and the ship had been repaired and modified, they were ready to set their great plan into motion.

The Aorta system, one of the outlying Alliance colonies of the Arathiar galaxy, was one of the most important colonies for imports and exports between the Arathiar and the Orothian Prime galaxy. As the Alliance navy was spread thin, this was one of the places where defenses were minimal. A perfect target for their devious plans.

The vessel warped in, and was granted access to dock at the largest of two stations that orbited Aorta-IV; a civilian world. As soon as they docked, the Necroatl began their infiltration. And as soon as the station had been taken over subtly by the Necroatl, the vessel was given permission to land on the surface of the planet. Over the course of a few days, the Necroatl slowly subverted the population of the planet. And by the time the Alliance realized it, it was too late. Several ships of unknown design entered the system and fired upon the Alliance vessels, sided with by traitorous Klendathu.

The maddened Maniakósi wreaked havoc on both civilians and militia morale. The calculating Arpagasi dealt with the planetside military and occasionally felling high-ranking hostiles. The Máchimosi were ordered to target politically-powerful individuals and either assassinate them or take them in for questioning. Meanwhile, the Kafstírasi dealt with all in equal measure with their fiery waves, indiscriminately killing all that stood before them. It was a battle that the Alliance had already lost, and none would live to tell the tale.


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