By GottaNarb
11/26/2019 - 13:29:10

Type: Military land vehicle
Rating: 10.5 (Good)


By Cass01

Thanks for the tip, I will include it into my future work

By Cass01

Nice job, cybertruck hawe wery simple yet interresting retro-future shape , which for me can leave idea for spaceship ... maybe.

I hope you added additional windows protection :)

By jude90245

What was Elon Musk thinking?

By IlluminatiCFD

"It didn't go though"

By Awdred

They need to redesign it. R+

By Carno2000

Way better than mine, though I wasn't really trying lol.

By R13426

Nailed it! High quality Spore artists who make the latest and greatest recently science fiction/newly science fact stuff? Got to love it :)

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