Create Luvenis Stuff

By MrCat123
11/28/2019 - 02:25:27

Type: City Hall building
Rating: 30 (Good)
Tags: alien, luvenis, mrcat123, xenobiology


idk what to call this but whatever, i need more luvenis animals, if you need help on knowing how to make an acceptable animal for this project i'll provide the google doc in the description, that has a list of anatomical features of the luvenis lifeforms.


By MrCat123

wasn't that the name of a previous world building project before Luvenis

By SystemFailure

You should name the ocean Balneum

By MrCat123

yes please no cac because i can't see them

By R13426

Spore version I?d owe you big time :P

By R13426

I?ll do my best to make one and if I?m not good enough at that I?ll try editing one you have. Also I freaking love that humanoid dinosauriod sculpture you referenced and if you were able to make a realistic non C+C

By SystemFailure

Oh! i'm not the only one with this problem oof.

By LeafyGreensB

Such a pretty planet!

By MrCat123

google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R9qBkKKvyb4GBsRATci65709DLxxf32uFtVJdu3G_yE/edit?usp=sharing

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