Butcherman's Sabermaw

By sammywhiskers
01/14/2020 - 23:15:27

Type: Creature
Rating: 7.5 (Good)
Tags: alien, animal, antepoda, creature, cuspamelopard, ecomoon, ecoreboot, elonios, habitat: taiga, life, smilostomatidae, systemfailure, vertebrate, verticala


(Smilostomata teratus) A large solitary sabermaw, Butcherman's sabermaw will hunt animals like baby spadeheads, along with other animals, they are named because of their large butcher knife saber teeth
Size: 21 ft long, weight: 650 kg


DNA points
63 Bones4 Feet0 Hands
Diet: Carnivore
Health: +3
25 %
24.01 %
6 / 20
9 / 20
4 / 15

By Omegasquid

Eloniosaurians are native to both Horizontali and Verticala. Same with clade my recent Sauromus belongs to.

By Omegasquid

Or Modern Animals I should say right?

By Omegasquid

It means modern life.

By Omegasquid

TBH, I think it would work better if these where ancient predators that evolved tens of millions of years after the 110 MYA mass extinction event only to go extinct due to competition from xenotheropods and diordoscapulids but that's just me, your thoughts

By Omegasquid

Like, idk, maybe make the native to a different landmass like North Minorland?

By Omegasquid

To be frank, I was thinking that cuspamelopards should just be veggie-eaters, this is (starting to become) what I want to avoid, multiple large-sized predators from different orders.

By R13426

Got to agree with SystemFailure on that one. Identical evolutionary engineering problems produce identical traits whether it's Earth or any other planet.

By SystemFailure

I'd think if it was a Taiga animal, it would be a Little bulkier, and less bright. All in all, not Bad! R+!

By sammywhiskers

I'm curently deciding what antepoda (forward foot) should be in terms of a taxonomic ranking, for now i'll refer it as a group

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