Tyronnor Rex

By Miikka64
02/13/2020 - 21:29:34

Type: Captain
Rating: 17.5 (Good)
Tags: gaprop, trying to make the third season of dreams of evil make some sort of sense is damn hard but entertaining.


One of the most evil bastards to ever exist in Miikka64's galaxy... And one who came very close to changing the whole of reality with his "dream of evil".
Unlike some villains of Miikka64, Tyronnor didn't have a bad childhood, lose a loved one or any such tradegy: he was born rotten to the core. He was evil from his very first breath to the last. His whole life he had one singular goal: to create a world where only he would prosper. And that chance he got when he found the mysterious "Gates of Balance" on planet Gaxala.

Though the true origin of the gates might never be discovered, Tyronnor theorized that the gates were built by the "Ones Without Name", an ancient species of sorcerers - possibly the same ones that also created the "Supreme-Diamonds". The principle behind the gates is that they harvest interdimensional ultraenergy and use it to alter the balance between "light" and "dark", or as some would say, "good" and "evil". The gates consist of three arches. The gate on the left is the "gate of light/peace". It harvests positive ultraenergy and channels it to the middle gate. The gate on the right is the "gate of dark/evil" and as expected, harvests dark ultraenergy and channels it to the middle gate. Now, the middle gate combines the dark and light ultraenergy, turning it "neutral" and spreads it across Miikka64's galaxy, connecting all things living and dead and keeping reality itself in balance. But what if someone were to change the balance between the gates?

That was the question Tyronnor kept thinking about. He came to the conclusion that he needed something to turn the positive ultraenergy to negative, but since he was not gifted in the dark arts, he had to go searching for something that would do the trick for him. And that he found when he heard about Teuraztajaz and its ability to create Crystals of Hate. Since the crystals had the power to turn anything positive to negative, Tyronnor knew he had to get this ability. After Teuraztajaz was destroyed by captain Scifi and some other one, Tyronnor searched the machine's wreckage for whatever allowed Teuraztajaz to create the crystals. He found nothing and was starting to run out of time, since he knew someone would soon come to secure the wreckage. Then, like out of thin air, a dark figure appeared before Teuraztajaz and asked what he required the ability for. Tyronnor didn't answer first, but after the stranger demonstrated that it could create them itself, he told the stranger everything. The stranger then told Tyronnor that he would need more than just this ability to "unbalance" the galaxy: he needed a person who would "embody" the very thing Tyronnor wished to do: something born of good turned evil. Before Tyronnor could ask how the stranger knew that, the stranger impaled Tyronnor with a piece of Crystal of Hate. He fell unconcious, and when he woke up, the stranger was gone and Tyronnor gained the ability he wished for. He also found out that he could create smaller, purple crystals that worked like bombs.
Now having the power and knowledge to bring forth his "dream of evil", all Tyronnor needed was the "embodiment of corruption". Where the hell could he find someone good to turn evil? Tyronnor searched everywhere and also started to recruit other "villains" to his "brotherhood", but it quickly turned out finding someone "born of good turned evil" wasn't easy. After more than a year of searching, it became obvious to Tyronnor that he couldn't find anyone suitable. But then, he realised: what if instead of finding this "embodiment", he could create the person himself? And the first creature that came to Tyronnor's head was of course captain Scifi - a hero that definitely had the pure heart he searched for. To make the choise even better, Tyronnor had heard a rumor that Scifi's wife was pregnant. Tyronnor had his people tracking Surrikka's movements day and night, and when it was finally time for a successor to be born...
Tyronnor Rex attacked.


DNA points
45 Bones2 Feet2 Hands
Diet: Carnivore
Health: +3
17 %
45.23 %
2 / 20
8 / 20
2 / 15

By Liskomato

Definitely sounds very interesting. I wonder when I should upload my remake of the Master from that time period in the Finnverse account, though...

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