Quantum Calculator

By SolarSailor
03/25/2020 - 17:18:05

Type: City Hall building
Rating: 23.33 (Good)
Tags: gaprop


This thing could probably calculate the meaning of existence. Desk-sized with THREE keypads? Why!?


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By HRmatthew

They also have a depository for adventure mods you might find useful. Complexity meter extender, prop slot extender, etc.

By HRmatthew

Are you on the GAC discord btw? This is where all the adventure creators of spore reside.

By Brewser420

very nice prop

By Sharples65

Thank you anyway :)

By Sharples65

Oh it's fine, only a couple still play nowadays.

By Omegasquid

Holy crap, that's really well made like dang R+++!

By Sharples65

Do you mind if I use this for Hopeless? This is one of the best looking props I've seen in a long time!

By ThegasCreator

Must've been hell to get those buttons lined up.

By ThegasCreator

Wow. I expect to see this amazing thing being used in every adventure ever.

By SolarSailor


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