The Mannequin
Not rated

By 00armageddon124
04/06/2020 - 12:27:07

Type: Explore adventure
Rating: 3.82 (Not rated)
Tags: explore, good, mannequin


didn't put much effort into this sorry...bu it is still good...play with sound on to know if it is near you...enjoy. if you have a run ability use it as a flashlight...good luck



By rastaj

The Starbar Is Here!

By rastaj

Play The Starbar By Me

By rastaj

looks crepy

By Madness7733

I must say you done really well creating this adventure. I rarely seen an horror adventure like this and this is the first time i seen get jumpscared in Spore XD. R

By Greenville

Cool Adventure!

By sokolz

Nice adventure! Thought the mannequins looked great

By SandyJam

Ya. GJ!

By SandyJam

Ok. I will see ;D

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