By zeejayes
05/23/2020 - 10:21:57

Type: Creature
Rating: 7.5 (Good)
Tags: alien, gagarin-3, no this is not a sloo, paradise, parareboot, snail, specevo



A clade of Ambulocephalids that have further refined their 'hair-walking' into a single 'stomach scalp' that occurs on their underside.


DNA points
22 Bones1 Feet0 Hands
Diet: Omnivore
Health: +3
9 %
16.96 %
6 / 20
3 / 20
1 / 15

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By Tubar

I adore your 'simple' creatures. They are so well thought out

By zeejayes

Note: time is actually 15-45 MYH. Can't change it due to finnicky character limit.

By Omegasquid

We reached a new period called the Late Diversification Period so the time should now be 15-45MYH.

By zeejayes

Reproduction(5): Upon reaching sexual maturity, capillopods will develop both male and female gonads, although only one pair will be active at any given time, depending on the capillopod's choice of sex.

By zeejayes

Reproduction(4): When hatched, newborn capillopods look like little versions of their adult forms, forgoing metamorphosis and instead undergoing linear growth. Sexual maturity is generally reached within 1 month, though this can vary interspecies.

By zeejayes

Reproduction(3): females are in short supply. Likewise, female capillopods will become males if too little of the male sex pheromone is detected.

By zeejayes

Reproduction(cont): Males and females secrete sex indentification pheromones constantly, for other capillopods to detect. Should a male capillopod sense too little of the female sex pheromone, they will change sex to a female, since this suggests that

By zeejayes

Reproduction: Capillopods maintain the hermaphroditic tendencies of their ancestors, as well as the mouth-to-mouth internal fertilization. Capillopods change sex as a means of ensuring species survival.

By zeejayes

Anatomy(4): The size of capillopods can vary depending on the species, ranging from 1-2 centimeters to 50, or even 100 centimeters in length.

By zeejayes

Anatomy(3): Their long eyestalks have been reduced into 4 eyes, which provide adequate vision for their lifestyle. A blind gut is also present, used for reproduction, food consumption and waste excretion, much like their ancestors from Gagarin-3.

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