the REAL weapon to surpass MG

By Gonzalo218
07/14/2020 - 15:00:18

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 10.2 (Good)
Tags: gonzalo218, racer, roomba, totally an entry


Fastest shit this side of the galaxy. Cockpit window and ejection not included. Literally the 'ride of your life'


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By Mavor

The 'E' was defunded.

By meankryll

If that's what you were wondering. Silv and I are cooking up future events for our RP, and this is just one of the features. Again, thanks

By meankryll

It's all about learning how to execute the subtleties in shape and form in a realistic manner, and thanks! Unfortunately 001 is an RPC, unrelated to the collab.

By Mavor

The horse was made after Rebecca and Doom had a conversation about making a horse in Spore.

By Awdred

Thank you!

By Tapeon11

I never knew I needed something like this until now. R fuckin' plus

By Mavor

Well, looks like the roomba will be ranked second on the Most Popular board in 24 hours. Ahead of even Eaten.

By DarthLeoX

you did it ! a nice looking space roomba ! R+

By meankryll

*Confused vrooming*

By Mavor

I won't be entering the contest for several reasons. But I wish you the best of luck. You have some stiff competition.

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