New Rendara Police Station

By ProfAlba
07/27/2020 - 23:30:41

Type: House building
Rating: 15 (Good)
Tags: gaprop


My entry for the CCC project.
Contract A2 : Police Station.


By Mavor

Very nice.

By BrythonLexi

That's an amazing looking building!

By ProfAlba

I don't really do requests for buildings but I like the idea of an organic building so I'll keep that in mind. :)

By R13426

Do you take any requests for buildings? I keep thinking Spore has too few truly sci-fi looking skyscrapers or cool organic looking ones like the buildings on the Formic Homeworld in Ender?s Game, stuff like that

By Sexay

Great work on this entry! R+

By ProfAlba

Yes this one is sideways too...

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