New Rendara Broadcast tower

By Mavor
08/01/2020 - 01:48:42

Type: House building
Rating: 22.5 (Good)
Tags: contracr c2


Contracr C2


By ProfAlba

Thanks, yours is really good too. :)

By Thignar

haha, thanks lad, was actually literally about to comment myself, but i wasn't quite sure which building to go on first lol, this one does look admittedly grandiose and overall very slick

By Gonzalo218

I love the semblance to real-life towers! The detailed base with the dome hub is also a nice touch, epic tower m8!

By R13426

Yeah I haven?t seen too many sci fi Spore buildings that look very realistic and futuristic at the same time, nice job

By HRmatthew

Really unique!

By Kridershot

Damn, your buildings are so realistic. Amazing job!

By Derezzed

Very nice! Probably my favorite of your entries so far

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