Tripod Statue

By Derezzed
10/03/2020 - 21:01:13

Type: House building
Rating: 12.41 (Good)
Tags: gaprop


A statue erected in the honor of a captain who was among the first to chart the galaxy. His adventures came to an end when he accidentally entered his phone number into his ship's navigation computer, and launched himself into his homeplanet at lightspeed.


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By Gromenax

Good job. I would prefer it to be a city hall, so I could use it in the center of my civilization as a monument.

By williezk

Amazing R+

By Liskomato

Great-looking statue!

By Gromenax

fucking amazing

By Handman50

Beautiful statue.

By TheDynoHouse


By Hybrid-X13

That's an awesome statue. Excellent work

By CracktheCat

Very nice, R+

By Madness7733

Look very detailed... I seen this creature from Old Spore Trailer

By LeafyGreensB


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