It's Red, He did ir

By Mavor
10/09/2020 - 00:20:32

Type: House building
Rating: 22 (Good)


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By Ge1iON

Cool! R+
This creation inspired me to do something similar)

By Brewser420

probably a communist mole troll

By williezk

IDK, pink looks sus

By sammywhiskers

Red kinda sus, and definitely only red and not anyone else especially me, I am not sus

By 00armageddon124

Bro why do people always say it's me man...Come on it's not just because my suit is red that it has blood on it!

By julius2401

red sus

By Cass01

Red was an Impostor, one Impostor remains ...

By Flashwing3899

This is great, lol.

By LucasTheGreatYT

Red was the impostor.

By DarthLeoX

awesome, I love the crewmates

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