By TheHorizons
10/18/2020 - 03:26:57

Type: Colonial land vehicle
Rating: 20 (Good)
Tags: 321aerobird, alt, constructicon, construction, decepticon, devastator, green, power, purple, scavenger, shovel, thehorizons, transformers, vehicle


Scavenger is part of the Decepticon group called the Constructicons. They are great designers, engineers and builders for the Decepticons. Scavenger is the material?s detector of the subgroup. His alt mode is a power shovel. He uses the shovel to help detect different materials for construction, finding a suitable/stable place to build, finding the autoboot base, finding Optimus Prime etc. Well, Scavenger as a whole, deals with some serious self-esteem issues. He does his best to get the approval from the rest of the Constructicons, Megatron and others. He is often put down by others. They keep the power shovel con only for his unique ability to detect materials with his shovel. Scavenger forms the right arm of Devastator in which gives this con some usefulness to his team. Devastator is the combined form of all six Constructicons. (In reality I feel pretty bad for him on how everyone treats him in the show.)
?I was only trying to help!? -Scavenger (In response when Hook insults him on the site chosen to drill to the center of the earth was unstable. In the end Scavenger?s material detector was malfunctioning and it was later fixed. Episode-The Core)
In Scavenger?s alt mode as power shovel he can do a variety of things. 1. He can use his bucket to detect a variety of objects for construction to finding autobots or mechanical equipment. 2. He can send soundwaves in the earth in which he can perceive what is in the soil. 3. He can use bucket to dig and excavate different things from the earth to even minerals and fuels. 4. He is equipped with a rocket launcher to shoot some autobots with. 5. He forms the right arm, wrist and hand of Devastator. In combiner mode he attaches to the right side of Hook and the rest of the arm/wrist/hand transforms out of him. (Scavenger maybe looked down upon by the others in his team. To me this Construction is another favorite of mine of the team, alongside Scrapper.)
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By TheHorizons

This is the last of the Constructicons in either robot, vehicle or combiner mode for 321Aerobird/TheHorizons. New updates on these creations could be added later (for more realism or details).

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