Vhasian Sunder

By 321Aerobird
11/22/2020 - 02:37:05

Type: Spaceship
Rating: 15 (Good)
Tags: 321aerobird, aerobird, black, blue, class, industries, journey, mechanical, red, ship, silver, sleek, space, star, sunder, tail, twin, white


The Sunder is a large sleek design of spaceships made by A3R0B1RD Industries. The different classes that will be made of the Sunder will take a similar design to this one, but each with a different use and a different design. The two tails that extend from the back of the ship are where the warp engines are housed. Each different class of Sunder will have a unique configuration of its tail (warp engines).
The Vhasian Sunder is the flagship of the Sunder class of ships. It is built with the latest technology and the warp engines that are highly efficient in energy use. The engines can provide a good use in warp speed, though this ship isn?t the fastest. The speed isn?t much of an issue of its use of transporting cargo and passengers between solar systems. The Vhasian Sunder can do quick stops between close stars to going across one of the galaxy?s arms.
?I bid this ship Godspeed, as it leaves this dry dock and begins its journey among the stars?. ? CEO of A3R0B1RD Industries.
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