Diamond Dove (M)

By 321Aerobird
01/14/2021 - 04:15:38

Type: Creature
Rating: 17.5 (Good)
Tags: 321aerobird, adorable, bird, columbidae, coo, cute, diamond, display, dove, gray, grey, male, peaceful, pets, pink, spots, white


Geopelia cuneata
Diet: seeds and ants.
Distribution: Central, W and N Australia
The Diamond Dove is a small dove with the Family of Columbidae (doves and pigeons). The male and female are sexually dimorphic. The male has a brighter/pinker eye ring. The female has a paler eye ring and browner in plumage. The juvenile will lack the diamond spots, they will have a gray bill and the eye ring is light in color.
These doves like to forage on the ground for food and seen in groups together.
The male will court the female by cooing and bowing. When the male bows he will fan his tail feathers.
They will breed after when it rains in their dry environment. The female will lay two eggs and both parents will feed the chick?s with crop milk. Crop milk develops in the crop of the parent and will regurgitate to the chicks. All pigeons and doves create crop milk.
These doves are known to be pets all around the world. People like their soft coos and are beautiful to look at.
NOTE: there is supposed to be more white dots to be present on the wing. I had to be creative in adding the spots with using a Narwhalicorn. I tried to get as close to the plumage I could get for the male and the female. More pink to be present on the feet/legs.
Call/Noises: a variation of coos. (even the female can do a coo). When the birds flying, they make the noise ?frr?.
ATTENTION: If this creation is modified or reuploaded please keep 321Aerobird in the tags.


DNA points
40 Bones2 Feet0 Hands
Diet: Herbivore
Health: +2
5 %
100 %
9 / 20
4 / 20
6 / 15

By Cainereee

Ooo does it drop diamonds?

By alcamie

Wow! R++

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