Chaolin Mission Fixed 5
Not rated

By ChaolinDrake
01/21/2021 - 10:58:46

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 0 (Not rated)
Tags: chaolin mission, chaolinchao, chaolindrake, fixed, rebalance


(Another Fixed Version)

Includes: Grammer Fixes, Replaced a Pink Frog with a Evil Furby (DON'T ASKED), Gameplay Rebalancing, Added Invisible Walls, Bot Parts Removed (for the last time), and Removed a giant pink monster (he will show up in 5.5 however).



By SandyJam_Russian

Evil Furby

By ChaolinDrake

This is also the last time i'll be replacing any Bot Part creations going forward.

By ChaolinDrake

I'm back at continuing to update/fixing the Chaolin Mission Series!

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