By sammywhiskers
02/23/2021 - 01:42:54

Type: City Hall building
Rating: 9 (Good)
Tags: ausf, ecogen?, ecogenuniverse?, ecoverse, erdanian subtype gas giant, graxen, graxus, jovian type gas giant, moons: 55, number from star: 6


(Graxus G) Named after Erdanus, Graxen's version of Hercules, Erdanus is a massive planet and, like it's fellow planet Ferilmus, shows vibrant colours, though at an even more extreme effect.
Diameter: 203,112 KM, Mass: 0.87 Jupiters


By R13426

I think that could very well be the case

By R13426

What I know is that a large moon helps stabilize the planet?s tilt and rotation around its star. The absence of a large moon could simply make civilization progress more slowly or could make complex life entirely impossible

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