Goliath cave-scepter
Not rated

By sammywhiskers
07/21/2021 - 18:42:37

Type: Creature
Rating: 1.89 (Not rated)
Tags: aliuthere, crab-ape, ecogen, elonios, monke, remake, rowanstar, synbrachiosaur, vertebrate


(Dinofodiens megatroglodite) A concept of this fella as a sort of giant crab ape.
Size: 21 ft long, weight: 2.5 tons


DNA points
48 Bones4 Feet0 Hands
Diet: Omnivore
Health: +3
18 %
64.75 %
10 / 20
2 / 20
5 / 15

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By Omegasquid

Terrapods are different now due to this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/865798328747032589/869819975970467870/epichordatehomology.png

By Omegasquid

*aware got cut off

By Omegasquid

@your common on SF's creation, what I meant by that is species, while some xenotheropods look a little too much like theropods, they don't look like any species of theropod. Yeah, the xenoraptors do look a little too much like raptors yeah Flashwing is awa

By R13426

That seems plausible

By R13426

I would say they could probably get at least as large as the average bird. The largest known species on Earth had a body two inches long

By R13426

Unfortunately I?m not aware of any in our solar system but some gas giants in the habitable zone do have water that alternates between liquid and gas phase, and would be able to have oxygen and floating lifeforms

By DedKat

Hey, sorry for the late reply i lost all of my files and im using linux. My pc broke. I did make a google sheet for times and history. Ill send a link when i find it

By R13426

Oxygen is the only suitable element for complex life. The only more reactive nonmetal cannot work and anything less reactive automatically results in less complex, microbial life.

By R13426

Fluorine would have been the only other contender. However, because fluorine has five exterior electrons while oxygen has six, it cannot bond in the same way as oxygen to produce complex life.

By R13426

Oxygen?s free electrons plus its low molecular weight make it the most reactive widely available and easily formed element in the universe for complex life

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