By Salooverall
08/28/2021 - 14:04:36

Type: Creature
Rating: 32.5 (Good)
Tags: also realized its been 10 years since i started playing. im old hi, finally figured out the tree trick with how to pose creatures lmao, man why is the description so short ingame, missed you all so much btw!!


I realize that it was the beginning of 2019 since I last posted so after one whole (ongoing) pandemic I figured it was about time to share something new!

Dont know how many of you are left here on the spores but I hope you're all well ?


DNA points
51 Bones2 Feet0 Hands
Diet: Carnivore
Health: +5
47 %
62.71 %
7 / 20
10 / 20
4 / 15

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By klaracbarack

Nice to see that you are still around! Awesome creation as always! ^^

By R13426

But in particular a number of awesome primate species are missing/rare, specifically gibbons lol if limited to a single request I would say any of the gibbon species would be good

By R13426

Lol well ideally I?d want to be able to download the full range of Earth?s past and present fauna from the Sporepedia and a lot of Earth animals are completely absent :P

By superbadgerman00

They're back and making based as hell looking critters again! XD

By BIazingStar

Feel free to hop into the discord server if you want. These contests have become a pretty big thing now, and there's some other stuff we're doing with people challenging each other and stuff

By Sexay

Great work as always, and it?s nice to see you return! R+

By Pingtam

Welcome back! As always, incredible part usage here and posing, R

By SystemFailure

Ayy welcome back! Nice too see some of the greats still runnin' around. R+!

By ChaolinDrake

back again I see. :D

By Hybrid-X13

Always nice to see a spore legend pop back up. I love the detail work on this. R+

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