Tragedy of the Mokodoks Ep3 / Analysis

By UFODima
09/22/2020 - 00:19:12

Type: Defend adventure
Rating: 1.67 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
Welcome to Sardoia, a Janusian planet of the Pinwheel Galaxy. How will your first combat duty go?
Win message:
Going through a lifeless city, seeing a relentless enemy and bloodthirsty thugs in his own uniform, Goso is a changed man. Whether for the better or worse we shall see in the next episode.
Lose message:
The 2nd War of Spodification took untold millions of Mokodok lives, I guess the story ends here for Goso Vardag. That is, unless you want to try again?
ACT 1 :   Welcome to Sardoia!
Find the commanding officer for your next orders.
ACT 2 :   

ACT 3 :   Navigate
Navigate your way out of the rubble that used to be Sardoia and find Colonel Verhag.
ACT 4 :   

ACT 5 :   Attack!
But wait, too many people aren't moving...
ACT 6 :   Mutiny!
The 325th Infantry Division is Mutinying!
ACT 7 :   The Enemy's charging!
I think I better run back to the city...
ACT 8 :   Back to Safety!
There seems to be much less soldiers here. I wonder why...

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