Transformers-Battle In The Arena / Analysis

By FatherCosmic21
01/18/2022 - 06:18:01

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 0 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
Sharpshot, Kickback, and Hardshell have been brought to the arena to prove their loyalty to Megatron. Fight hard and rip some metal!!
Win message:
Success! You've managed to prove your Loyalty and skill to Megatron. Now prepare your chasis for the battle to come...
Lose message:
How pathetic! Get back on your feet and WIN Damn it!!
ACT 1 :   Where you are...
Sharpshot and the other insecticons have just awoken from their stasis nap and have no idea where they are. Speak with Master Shockwave and he'll explain.
ACT 2 :   A New Task at Hand
Megatron gives you a new goal. Prove your loyalty through combat.
ACT 3 :   Let the Carnage begin
And with thos last wprds, Megatron had declared you foght for your decepticon birth-rights. Kill the first wave of autobots and prepare for the next.
ACT 4 :   first success.
You have managed to impress Megatron with your skill, keep it up.
ACT 5 :   Overcome the giants.
Now you must face off against several giant autobot soldiers. Prevail against the odds no matter what!!
ACT 6 :   Nearly finished.
you've advance further. now you can finally make it to the last stage of this arena.
ACT 7 :   Final Battle!!
The gate has been opened and the final battle has begun. Eliminate them with your power! Show Megatron why YOU are worthy to fight by his side as a deepticon!!!
You've prevailed and now Megatron wishes to speak to you three.

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