The Lost World Of The Gods Arc 3 / Analysis

By Pokemonkab
04/08/2022 - 21:22:39

Type: Story adventure
Rating: 0.1 (Not rated)

Basic info
Intro message:
At The Lifeless Planet Of Mixlopykatt, No-One, Not Even The Halt-Ark's Crew, Has Been Able To Get Readings Of Half This Wasteland, Which Could Uncover The Mysteries Behind The Planet!
Win message:
RESULTS:Frank Has Freed The Avorts From Their Creators, The Shadowrex, But May Have Accidently Made Something Far Worse...Frank Must Decide Which Universe To Go.......TO BE CONTUINED.......
Lose message:
It Seems Like Nature Has Mulched You Down Into The Ground. Have Another Go, And Be Wary Of Those Shadowrex: They Hurt As Bad As They Did In 2013!
ACT 1 :   Shattered Mirrors
It's Your Job To Find Out Why This Is The Case, And What Could Possibly Lie On The Other Side. The Key Seems To Lie In That Portal Over There, But First Speak To Kuso For A Briefing...........
ACT 2 :   A Muse For A New World
Gather Your Party And Head Through That Portal, Into What Is Hopefully The Other Side Of Mixlopykatt....But Prepare Yourselves If It Is'nt Your Pinpoint At All...But Rather, A Familar World!
ACT 3 :   For The Avort's Cause
Head Into That City Over There, And Find Someone Who Can Tell You Where This Portal Has Dropped You Into....Could It Be...That A Little Reflection Is At Hand?
ACT 4 :   To The Traitorous Death
The Nuo-Yews Are Claiming That The Shadowrex Are Planning To Betray Them! Set Out And Find Some Evidence That Could Prove This To Be True............
ACT 5 :   The Quick Reporting
Be Quick With Your Report, There's No Time To Waste! You Must Warn The Nuo-Yews That The Shadowrex Are On The Camera's Side Before A Sneak Attack Comes Back!
ACT 6 :   By Body Parts And Soul
The Nuo-Yews Have Opened The Way To The Shadowrex Forest Of Fear...Now, Find A Way In, Brave The Tricks And Traps Within, And Send Shadow Oak To The Mulcher!
ACT 7 :   Broken Dawn
The Final Blow Knocks Shadow Oak Into His Own Pool, And He Seemingly Melts Into Nothing. The Shadowrex Are Now No More....Head Back To The Nuo Yews To Give Them The Good News!
ACT 8 :   Deep Space Planet
While You Decide Whether Your Next Quest Will Be In The Reflectiverse Or In Soshamba, You May Now Explore This Nameless World For Any Mysteries You Missed.........
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